Giving Tuesday

In celebration of #GivingTuesday we ask that you consider Nantucket Cares, our non profit organization working to rebuild the Puerto Rican towns and schools devastated by Hurricane Maria. One dollar, five dollars or even just what you would spend on a cup of coffee will benefit the lives of those who have been irrevocably affected by the storm.

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Hurricane Maria Relief

Islands throughout the Caribbean communities are beginning a long road to recovery from several major hurricanes that have ravaged the Atlantic. But Puerto Rico in particular is facing what local officials have described as a full-blown humanitarian crisis, with devastation they call “apocalyptic.”

Less than two weeks after Hurricane Irma made landfall on the island, Puerto Rico was hit by Hurricane Maria, the worst natural disaster the island has seen in nearly a century.  The island has virtually no running water or electricity; around 80 percent of the island’s crops have been destroyed. Scores of Puerto Ricans are gathering around what’s left of the island’s cell towers, desperate for contact with loved ones.


Heres How to Help...

Nearly all of the U.S. territory’s 3.4 million residents need assistance recovering from the storm.